Satijn Panyigay

Zwarte Kijkers 03 – subscription

Zwarte Kijkers 03 – subscription

ZWARTE KIJKERS (Charcoal Eyes) #03 is the third and last unique subscription to my work. For 10 months, every 1,5 months you receive a new print on your doorstep.
This time I will make a new body of work about 7 important themes in my life and in my photography.
These themes are:

Lust for life

My work often consists of an overall feeling of melancholy, which these themes are a part of. I find it interesting to investigate these themes apart from each other and deepen them visually.
For this project I will use different cameras, mostly analog. For every image I choose which camera fits the story best. There can be portraits, interior photos, landscapes, still lifes or experiments in the series. With every image you receive a text about the image and why and how the theme is a part of my work and personal life.


  • 7 photos with description texts
  • a unique polaroid in every box
  • handmade darkroom prints and fine-art inkjetprints
  • color and black and white photos
  • each photo has it’s own camera, size and technique
  • the first package contains the box and the first image
  • the subscription start in March 2018 and each 1,5 month you receive a new print for the box. It’s possible to join later on.
  • Edition: 10
  • originally in Dutch, but available in English on request
  • €525